Martin Stacey

Martin Stacey has more than 20 years experience in advising clients on strategy, change management, organizational design, governance, outsourcing & procurement activities, and is responsible for the UK activities of Whitebridge Consulting.

During his career he has completed a number of client assignments - including: The development of client sourcing strategies and assisting organisations with change management programs. Participating and supporting a range of client sourcing & procurement projects. Developed client management, governance and sourcing capabilities.

He has presented at conferences, published a number of research notes and papers covering major aspects of Strategic Sourcing. He was also a major contributor to the book ‘Multisourcing’ and developed a leadership group for clients covering best practices in outsourcing.

Prior to Whitebridge Consulting he worked as a Director for TPI, Gartner and Morgan Chambers (Now part of KPMG/EquaTerra). During his business career he has held a number of senior management positions.

Martin is a Chartered Management Accountant with a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies and a Diploma in Marketing.

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