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Project: European Tender Strategy and execution of Competitive Dialogue of all Infrastructure Services

Challenge & Client Value: Client was faced with a requirement to retender the IT infrastructure services at that time delivered by two separate service providers in a staffing approach. Whitebridge Consulting supported the client in determining the right scope, market approach and European Tender procedure. Subsequently, the client asked Whitebridge Consulting to support European Tender procedure. The project was successfully completed and enabled the client to close a deal with an innovative service provider and unexpected cost savings.

Approach:  Whitebridge Consulting delivered the results by driving the project for the client end to end with a mixed team covering all necessary aspects, including the legal aspects and European Tender procedural support:

  • Supporting the client in the successful use of the, for the client previously unknown, Competitive Dialogue procedure
  • The Competitive Dialogue procedure enabled the client to engage the prospective service providers in a highly interactive tender procedure co-developing the optimal solution
  • Helped the client to gain maximum understanding of the solutions proposed and opportunities presented and upfront align on a future proof contract based on best-practice templates.
  • Prospective service providers were able to gain a full understanding of the specifics of the client and its challenges, enabling them to propose and price their optimal solutions
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