Whitebridge host two highly interactive roundtable discussions during the OM Dinnershow

During the OM Dinnershow on 14 December Whitebridge hosted two roundtables with vibrant discussions.

Gerwin Pol, Managing Partner, hosted the roundtable session on “Contracts – short and sweet?”. There seems to be a trend to shorter contract terms. The question is, how does this relate to a good sourcing relationship or even a partnership between customer and supplier. Which outsourcing deals – except maybe Could Services – lend itself to such shorter contract terms. Which don’t, and how can a outsourcing company professionalise its sourcing governance and management practices, whilst dealing with these shorter contract terms?

Paul van Wijngaarden, Partner, hosted the roundtable session on “Suggestions for collaboration”. The topic of ‘partnership’ is much discussed in sourcing. Some suppliers seem to be doing better than others on this topic, if we believe the yearly surveys. Is this through ‘pleasing’ the customer or are other factors at work here? In the roundtable participants (suppliers and customers) discussed how methods on collaboration can help improve sourcing relationships, tender through to completion tot exit.

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