Our Power

Our passion
We have a passion for building effective sourcing relationships.  We constantly innovate and find the most effective way to design sourcing relationships, select the right partners and make it work in reality. We want our customers to get broader and deeper insights, take more confident decisions and experience unexpectedly positive results.

Leverage open source frameworks
Creating a common understanding is key in managing processes with stakeholders from two or more organizations. There are excellent methods, standards and tools available created by outstanding Universities, leading companies and suppliers, such as ISO 37500. We focus on not just referring to the standards but make them work in practice.

Deep market insight
Knowing potential solutions and suppliers is a first step. We believe that the real value obtained in the specific alignment of the customer and the outsourcer, on the nature of their services together with the deeper strategic intent. Our international network provides a fast entry in many cases with enriched experiences from customers and suppliers.

Personal commitment
The power of a Cooperative is the commitment each member makes towards the customer. This goes beyond providing services and creating customer satisfaction, it is a deep promise to do what really matters in the best possible way.

Our Partners