Process Driven Contract

As Sourcing continues to build standards and governance around ever changing technology advancements one thing that remains critical is to build a Process Aligned Contract.

A Process Aligned Contract is where the contract and its contents are aligned to the IT department's (or other outsourced department) governance framework which includes the functions, roles, processes, forums, the supporting technology and reporting.

The reason for doing this is to ensure that when services are being delivered they not only meet service levels but also are compliant and integrated with the overall service delivery model that can deal with changes to service and technology. An example of this would be the Incident Management process where there will probable be a number of suppliers involved which need to work together within the agreed process and within an agreed commercial framework in order to achieve collaborative outcome.

Organisations that have used this approach are able to standardise and streamline processes in line with continuos improvement frameworks and to align to ISO standards for which there are supporting technologies. This is in line with the advancements made in industry using CRM, ERP and Supply Chain to streamline and improve quality and throughput to the customer in line with 'world class manufacturing'.

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