Deal management

Supporting End-Customers in their Sourcing Initiatives by enabling efficient and effective selection and contracting of right sourcing relationship with right Service Provider(s)

  • Can you identify and weigh all of the potential risks?
  • How do you decide which providers to invite to bid on your work?
  • How do you manage internal morale as the deal is happening?
  • Will you be able to adequately protect your company’s interests with a third-party service provider or vendor that impacts or is managing key assets and business processes of the company?
  • How do you create the right team to manage the relationship after the deal is done?

We provide a proven and structured approach for developing and closing a sourcing contract, which focuses on good preparation, not just an RfX process, whilst:

  • Ensuring the client’s ownership of the complete project, results, processes and relationship
  • Enabling the client’s employees. Knowledge transfer and quality assurance are fundamental elements of our approach 
  • Support the readiness of the client for selecting a partner, closing the deal and then managing the relationship
  • Leverage our assets:
    • Practical local experience in European-wide experience to the client’s specific situation
    • State of the art knowledge (Research, SE Community of 200+ Sourcing Experts, Market Consultation toolset)
    • Best practice models, templates and deliverables

As a result of the engagement, customers are able to take the executive decision to close a ‘right’ deal with a preferred partner, based on a communicable Business Case.