Sourcing Opportunity scan

Readiness scan

Contracts expire, sourcing needs change, business changes require new relationships or dissatisfaction force organizations to engage in new sourcing processes. In many cases a project team is formed, Procurement is connected and the CIO office takes the lead. Everybody wants to do it right this time…. But after a few months, moments of truth occur. For instance, there are no feasible reactions on the RFI or it takes two or three more clarification sessions before suppliers are engaged. Or even worse, after spending six months all proposals come out more expensive. Now adjustments are made in the team, the requirements and the process,  adding another 6 months to the planning and the budget. And finally, the process that was started enthusiastically becomes a nuisance.

Sourcing processes are difficult, not so much to determine what to do, but the devil is in the details; in the planning and execution.

The Whitebridge Sourcing Readiness Scan provides instant insight in:

- the real objectives

- scope and service definition

- sourcing expectations and the reality

- team set up and effectiveness

- planning and feasible timelines

- risks and mitigation measures