Building partnerships for Bi Modal IT

Digital transformation is often mentioned as imperative for all organizations. Each organization will have its own determination and plan for the scope, depth and speed of Digital transformation. Crucial in this transformation is the leverage of the competences of external partners. Partnerships are the accelerator and Sourcing becomes the orchestrator.

Whitebridge Consulting assists customers in making the concepts of Bi-modal IT executable through forming the best partnerships. We concentrate on building the partnerships by using the competences of the suppliers for the definition of services in four domains (see our Point of View of Bi-Modal IT) :

Venture IT (mode 2) – Accelerated innovation; Design thinking

Custom IT (mode 1.5) – Functional specialism; Flexible solutions and services

Retail IT (mode 1) – User centricity and effectiveness

Utility IT (mode 1) – Stability, quality and adaptiveness

In our approach, we build the sourcing strategy, do a market consultation, define the landing zone, build the sourcing options and define the sourcing implementation plan.